Breaking the Monotony
Voted Best Photographer by readers of Galveston Daily News
June 2013 / June 2014

Oceandance Online

Oceandance Photography is art to showcase, reflect and enjoy.
The Nature and Wildlife Gallery is full of ideas for individual design projects. Art pieces can be reproduced as photographs, canvases or metal prints for any space.

We will supply any business with their own photographic portfolio for marketing purposes, delivered to convey your message and intrigue your clients in print and online.

Weddings will become storybooks of dreams and portraits will become memories that continue to shine forever.

For customized decoration projects, please contact me on

We are glad to support any conservation organizations with complimentary photographs.

Oceandance Photography is run by Irene Amiet and is located in Galveston, Texas.

Artistic Statement

The ocean is the source of all life. Dance is the ultimate expression in the celebration of life. Oceandance is an artistic approach to worldwide conservation awareness and introduces our all eyes into the magic of places around the globe.

A photo has to tell a story.

The aim is to draw the viewer into a moment, into a scene. In order for a picture to be perfect it needs to catch the essence of a place and a time. Balance and frame, contrast and dimension are needed, but a photographer merely cuts a tiny piece out of the world's canvas and tries it to be a canvas of its own.